Saturday, December 15, 2012

Solutions: Economic Growth

Is it your job to achieve growth in your country’s economy or a particular industry, in an increasingly competitive world?
With the rise of the relatively low income large BRIC countries, our Caribbean small states can find ourselves in a squeeze. We must take an innovative approach to economic growth that is precise, defined and tailored to the resources of Caribbean small states.

As business strategists MarkStra’s job is to find avenues for growth mostly given the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and to make those as concrete and simple as to implement as possible. Tamira La Cruz, CEO of MarkStra Caribbean, takes the same approach to recommending growth strategies for small economies and the industries within them. After all,   most Caribbean economies are smaller than a Fortune 500 company. We emphasize the micro- and meso-economic level, where money is made.

These articles best show our approach to economic development
  • Growing the Curacao economy by 1%, by bringing in 10 projects (including up-selling) that each add an additional USD 3 million in value
  • Living in Mud Huts, in which, following Michael Porter, Tamira La Cruz argues that competitiveness is not only related to cost-of-input
  • Remarks at the Curacao InnovationEvent 2012, in which Tamira La Cruz argues that since ‘clusters’ are important, countries must also promote the existing (locally owned) firms operating in those areas to attract FDI in medical tourism, and knowledge services, etc.
  • Take-aways from IMC USA’s Grow! Business Development Seminar, adapted for consultants in small states
  • Find your innovation and monetize it! Part 1   Because of limited resources and ROI challenges, small state firms are forced to find solutions that are more efficient than elsewhere. These are innovations. How do you capitalize on them?
  • Find your innovation and monetize it! Part 2 Attractive opportunities for Caribbean small state businesses and entrepreneurs also lie in finding innovative product or services that fit other markets that are similar your Caribbean market
  • Companies are looking for more thantechnology, they are looking for answers.

Favorite themes
Knowledge Innovations
Export of Professional Services
Global Competitiveness
Doing Business
Business and Professional Associations
Export Development
Online (Affiliate) Marketing
Foreign Direct Investment

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