Thursday, December 13, 2012

Check out my article in the Jan2013 edition of Services Scoop

Services Scoop January 2013 is a publication of the Caribbean Network of Service Coalitions.

I was invited to submit an article on Capitalizing on Innovation. It's an excerpt of a paper I presented at the SALISES Conference in Trinidad in 2010. 

In that paper I argue that because small states always have a challenge in achieving an acceptable ROI, our solutions are inherently efficient. Efficiency is always a good thing. We can therefore sell our innovation to organizations in other small states or even larges states.

In addition, there are large markets with conditions similar to ours where our solutions are quite suitable. These include markets with tropical climates, important coastal areas, the same ethnicity and race, largely the same sources of income (tourism).

Check out my article on page 68. If nothing else,it has been very nicely laid out.

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