Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take the longer survey “Participating in the global economy through knowledge sourcing and providing”

If you are really interested in the topic and can spare a few more minutes, please also take the survey. If you can, please also ask a colleague, client or supplier to do so.

Knowledge Service Provider http://1236735131.provideknowledge.sgizmo.com/

Knowledge Service Sourcer http://1236735131.sourceknowledge.sgizmo.com/

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Some background

Reason for the poll and survey

Globality: everyone wanting to sell everything, including their knowledge, to anyone anywhere in the world.

Having worked across the Caribbean from Bermuda to Haiti and much of what is in between, I have developed an academic interest in the topic, especially with regard to small states. Can we apply strategic/business innovations produced in Curacao to St Lucian, Maltese, Andorran, Bajan, Cape Verdian businesses, markets and economies and vice versa?

The topic also interests me with regard to economic policies of small states. How can small states benefit from the globalization of knowledge?

Research Question
To what extent do KSP’s sell their services across borders, thus participating in the global knowledge economy? This with particular interest to KSP’s in small ststes/territories/markets and/or emerging markets

What are Knowledge Service Providers (KSP's) and Knowledge Service Sourcers (KSS)?

For the purpose of this study KSP’s are individuals or companies such as advisors, consultants, designers, health care providers, trainers, researchers, recruiters, lawyers, accountants, even artists, etc., in the broadest sense of the word.

KSS’s are all those individuals or companies who buy services from KSP’s established in their market or elsewhere

What's in it for you?
Since participants can elect to receive a copy of the report, you will get an insight into:
1. If you are ahead or behind the curve in terms of providing or sourcing knowledge across borders
2. What the key success factors to sell your services internationally

Take Poll: do you participate in the global knowledge economy?

I am writing a paper and want to know to which extent knowledge service providers (KSP), i.e. consultants, recruiters, trainers, designers, analysts, etc., have international engagements, and thus participate in the global knowledge economy. I am particularly interested in small KSP’s in small and/or emerging markets.

If you are a provider, please follow this link to my Linkedin poll http://polls.linkedin.com/p/35300/cpurr.

If you hire consultants, use this link http://polls.linkedin.com/poll-results/35302/cmmyp.

If you are really interested in the topic, please also take the survey
Knowledge Service Provider http://1236735131.provideknowledge.sgizmo.com/
Knowledge Service Sourcer http://1236735131.sourceknowledge.sgizmo.com

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