About MarkStra


Over the past 17 years MarkStra Caribbean, based in Curacao, has helped more than 150 global and local organizations to establish maintain or grow their revenue, market share, profit or following, particularly those operating in small Caribbean states  like Curacao.
Our practical market research and strategy solutions and implementations are:

  • tailored to the challenges of Caribbean small states: small scale, limited resources and close relationships
  • based in market research, strong analysis, strategy and implementation
  • return-oriented
  • conceived by multicultural teams with an international outlook

Companies come to MarkStra Caribbean for:

  • the business development expertise they cannot find in general management consulting firms
  • the strategic approach they cannot find from advertising agencies and like agencies
  • when  a thorough understanding of the Caribbean and the nuances within the region is required.

MarkStra works with business partners across the region and elsewhere, depending on the market being served and specific expertise required.

Solutions are delivered as an outsourced or interim Chief Marketing or Chief Business Development Officer, through in-person consultations, tele-consulting, tailored consulting engagements, industry reports, workshops and speeches, and articles.