Monday, September 12, 2011

Why a B2B Business Development (Marketing) Seminar in Curacao?

With more than 120 participants, our B2C Seminar Reaching Curacao 2010 of May 2010 exceeded expectations. Soon afterwards people started asking us about a B2B Seminar which discussed business development/marketing tools that were effective in Curacao's small market. 

Some of the specific challenges in a small market are:
  • a 'small to medium' B2B firm easily means a practice which just one professional, where this same professional is also the main marketer, something that is not his/her core business
  • securing acceptable ROI on the investment in time and financial resources
  • how does one achieve growth in a the local market which is limited and local and global competition that are growing?
  • how do you specialize? Is it worth it?
  • where does one find and guide suppliers (advertising agencies, copywriters, graphic designers, etc.) specialized in B2B tools and is that essential
These are the questions we seek to address in Rainmaking Curacao 2011.

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