Monday, September 12, 2011

Mystery Shoppers Wanted

A mystery shopping program enables companies to measure the quality of their service and therefore the satisfaction of their customers. Read more about Mystery Shopping.

Mystery shoppers pose as anonymous customers and go to assigned stores on assigned dates and carry out an assigned transaction. Thereafter they fill in an evaluation form which is sent to the MarkStra's client. Shoppers are reimbursed for the expense (of buying something) and/or receive a fee.

Mystery shopping is also referred to as secret shopper or shop audit.

Because of our increased load we are now looking for mystery shoppers. We are looking for serious, responsible people with a cellphone and internet access. If interested please fill out Mystery Shopper Application and we will get back to you via email.


Un programa di mystery shopping to sirbi pa yuda kompanianan midi kalidat di nan servisio i satisfakshon di nan klientenan/kumpradonan. Pa mas informashon, por lesa Mystery Shopping.

Mystery shoppers anonimamente ta bishita un establesimentu predetermina riba un fecha predetermina i ta hasi un transakshon (kumpra algu, hasi un pregunta, etc.) predetermina. Despue snan ta yena un formulario di evaluashon ku MarkStra ta manda pa dono di e establesimentu. Nos ta paga nos shoppernan pa e gastu (di a kumpra algu) i/of nan ta hana un pago apart.

Na e momentu aki nos ta buskando algun mystery shopper nobo, hende serio i responsabel ku telefon selular i aseso na internet. Si bo ta interesa, por favor yena nos Aplikashon pa mystery shopper i nos lo tuma kontakto via email.

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