Monday, September 12, 2011


What does "Rainmaking" in Rainmaking Curacao 2011 refer to?

Rainmaker : An employee who creates a significant amount of business for a company, often used in the context of law or financial services firms, but increasingly so for other B2B service firms.

Most of us know the term through John Grisham's 1995 bestselling novel The Rainmaker or the 1996 movie based on the novel, directed by Francis Ford Copolla and starring Matt Damon, Danny de Vito Danny GloverClaire DanesJon VoightRoy ScheiderMickey RourkeVirginia Madsen and Mary Kay Place

Since there have been many books, seminars and blogs carrying this title, including The Art of Rainmaking by Guy Kawasaki, perhaps best known as the former chief evangelist of Apple.

So, let's get to some rainmaking in Curacao and internationally in Rainmaking Curacao 2011, Tuesday September 27 starting at 2pm at the Renaissance in Curacao.

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