Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reaching Curacao 2010 - The Report

But how many people are we talking about? what media is best to place this particular advertisement in?

It is obvious that we need (more) hard data on Curacao for good strategic and marketing decision-making.

At MarkStra Caribbean we are on a mission to make a difference by collecting market related data for Curacao (doing surveys) and making this available in a report to selected parties or via presentations.

The first report is Reaching Curacao 2010, containing:

  • Size of Curacao market segments
  • Our total combined spending on different product categories
  • Our use of radio, television and newspaper and new media in Curacao by age, sex and social-economic class (SEC), and time most watched or listened
  • Where we shop and roads most travelled by age, sex and SEC
  • Global trends regarding media attitudes and generations! Yes, the generations are different.

Reaching Curacao 2010 - The Report is available at the special introductory price of ANG 1.500 if bought before June 1, 2010.

How is the Report different from the Event? It provides more detailed data:

  • readership and audience by age, sex and SEC for all media
  • more detailed data about spending on product categories
  • more detailed information about media attitudes

Worried that you will have paid for the information while everybody else copies it?

  • Valid concern. We will select the companies who can buy the report.
Thinking about ROI? If the report helps you:
  • place two 3colx25cm ads better, you will have made your money back
  • make a better decision about sponsoring radio newscasts for two months you will have made your money back
  • reduce the one debate about market potential or guesswork about market size, you will have made your money back


Reaching Curacao 2010 - The Event

You can see the quality of our work and to enable small businesses to get at least some info. We hope to see you and your business development and marketing staff there!

To reserve your copy, please contact us at tlacruz@markstra.com or call 767-3085.

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