Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reaching Curacao 2010 - An introduction

A frequent cry: “There is no data on Curacao”. Often followed by the realization of the acute need for hard data for good strategic and marketing decisions

At MarkStra Caribbean we would like to bring a difference by collecting market related data for Curacao (doing surveys) and offering this for sale in a report or via presentations.

Our first one is Reaching Curacao 2010. It provides:

  • A compilation of the important demographics in Curacao, including the size of different market segments, to help you or your client determine how attractive a consumer segment really is
  • Our combined spending on some important product categories
  • Our use of radio, television and newspaper and new media in Curacao by age, gender and social-economic class
  • Where we shop and roads most travelled. Ever wonder where the best places are to put billboards, without having to revert to "you-say-I-say"?
  • Global trends regarding media attitudes and generations! Yes, the generations are different.

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  1. So very interesting ! Good work Tamira ! Job well done, keep it up and let me go and find the new logo now. I'm getting curious here and as you know curiosity kills the cat ! lol ! Jeanine