Friday, January 17, 2014

Please take the Global Competitiveness Survey for Curacao

As you may know, MarkStra Caribbean is  conducting the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitiveness Survey for Curacao.

At this time we are in need of respondents from  the trade (wholesale and retail) and manufacturing sectors, to fulfill our quota.
We would very much appreciate it if you can would take the survey, either by:
b.      Contacting Tamira La Cruz at 767-3085 or  for a personal interview.
The survey takes 30 minutes, so it’s best to set some time free, for instance during lunch or on a slow day (Wednesday, Friday afternoon). You can save and come back to finish. The questions are quite eye-opening and make you think about the state of your own company and industry. It‘s anonymous. Someone else in your company/industry can also take the survey since it is the opinion of a professional that is important, not that of a company.

As a token of appreciation we will raffle a ANG250,- giftcard from Boolchand's ComputerWorld among completed surveys.

Your participation is much appreciated! More info about the GCI Index below.

About the Global Competitiveness Survey
The survey, done in 140 countries in the world since 1979, ranks the competitiveness of countries.  It covers areas such as: Innovation and Technology, Infrastructure, Financial Environment, Natural Environment, International Business and Investment, Education and Human Capital, General Company Strategy, Corruption, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Tourism and Health. Importantly, the questions bring to light aspects which we might not necessarily consider as  factors contributing to the competitiveness of nations and firms. 
Because of its small size, Curacao has never been included. But, MarkStra received permission to conduct the survey in Curacao independently, following the WEF’s methodology, on our own account. We have received good cooperation from the Chamber of Commerce, CHATA, ADECK, who have either sent our request to their members or mailing list or posted it on their website.
For more information on the Curacao survey, please visit our facebook page  Global Competitiveness Survey Curacao 2013,
This year’s Global Competitiveness Report is available at  Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014

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