Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take Poll: do you participate in the global knowledge economy?

I am writing a paper and want to know to which extent knowledge service providers (KSP), i.e. consultants, recruiters, trainers, designers, analysts, etc., have international engagements, and thus participate in the global knowledge economy. I am particularly interested in small KSP’s in small and/or emerging markets.

If you are a provider, please follow this link to my Linkedin poll http://polls.linkedin.com/p/35300/cpurr.

If you hire consultants, use this link http://polls.linkedin.com/poll-results/35302/cmmyp.

If you are really interested in the topic, please also take the survey
Knowledge Service Provider http://1236735131.provideknowledge.sgizmo.com/
Knowledge Service Sourcer http://1236735131.sourceknowledge.sgizmo.com

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