Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's official: MarkStra strengthens alliance with Research & Research

We are happy to announce that our firm, marketing and strategy consulting firm, MarkStra, has strengthened our alliance with research specialists Research & Research of Puerto Rico, in order the provide more efficient quantitative market research to our clients.

We have provided market research services since our inception in 1995. Qualitative research (focus groups) and desk research have been our strong suits. In fact, I have been a Burke Certified Focus Group Moderator since 1998. But, our small market combined with rapidly developing technology and increasing customer expectations have made providing quantitative research at international standards a challenge.

Now we can meet that challenge. This alliance will allow us to tap into the expertise and technology of Research & Research whenever needed. We liaise with the local client. Being in Puerto Rico, Research & Research is used to doing research in the Caribbean and Latin America and to working with global brands because several Caribbean headquarters for global brands are established there. That's an added benefit.

I truly look forward to this new form of cooperation. We have worked with Research & Research and several other marketing research firms across the Caribbean for more than 10 years now. What is new is integrating our technology and knowledge to serve our clients and further our businesses. That's the strategic innovation.


  1. Markstra, way to go. These alliances are very important to us and may function as an example that we should work more and closer together!

  2. Hopi great, Tamira. An excellent alliance. Keda dal bai !

  3. Tamira,
    Another great step to provide more value to your clients and establishing strategic partnership in the region.