Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Marketing and strategy for not-for-profits

There are now so many not-for-profit organizations, both governmental and otherwise, trying to raise funds, get members, attract “share of attention” of the same people. All are having a harder time doing so.

How can your organization stand out?
By taking the same strategy and marketing approach as successful businesses do.

Many years ago I developed the program “Charity is no longer” in an endeavor to share strategy and marketing thinking with not-for-profit organizations. I held presentations and workshops for, among others, the Rotary Club of Curacao and several chapters and national congress of the Jaycees International.

The issue recently came up again, inspiring me to revive that program in 2007.

In the session of your choice we can discuss your biggest challenges from a business point of view.

  • Attracting and retaining active board members and general members
  • New approaches to raising funds
  • How can the internet help you
  • Asking for and giving support other than money
  • Advertising your projects, programs, cause or club
  • What else can we do, where else can we help? Brainstorming for new project ideas
  • Capturing your ideas in a strategic plan

All topics can be tailored to your needs and delivered in Papiamento, English, Spanish or Dutch. Contact me at

tlacruz@markstra.com or (599-9) 767-3085.

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